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    Credential Environmental

    Your waste tyres collected by us and recycled by us.
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Waste tyre recycling

We are the leading provider of waste tyre collection and recycling services.

EU Directive Compliant

We are compliant with the EU Landfill Directive 2006. Peace of mind for you.

Fully recycled

All the tyres we collect are reprocessed at our own facilities.

We are Credential Environmental.

Your waste tyres collected by us and recycled by us.

At Credential Environmental we operate fully permitted sites  that recycle your waste.  Our vehicles are licensed to carry your waste andyou can be assured that your waste tyres are disposed of responsibly.

‘It is pleasing to see that hard work, co-operation, an increase in resources and further investment has continued at the site’

Breighton EA compliance report October 2018

Don’t hesitate to have your tyres collected by the professionals.

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Tyres recyled per year

48 counties

covered in England


Wamitab trained waste management staff