Collection Request – New Customer

Did you know it is your responsibility as a tyre retailer to ensure that you can account for your waste production all the way through to the waste’s disposal or recovery?

Many other tyre collectors, although licensed carriers, are working under a waste exemption at their sites. This means they have a small limited amount of space in which to temporarily store your waste before the need to move it to a properly permitted disposal site.

At Credential you can be assured that your waste will be collected and disposed of by a fully permitted company at a fully permitted disposal site. We can offer you a full audit trail of where your waste is disposed.

If you are a new customer to Credential and would like a collection, please complete the form below

Alternatively, you can email our head office at or call 01325 379020 where our operators will process your request. Areas covered in Blue – Breighton Site Collections or call 01757 282296 – Areas covered in Yellow – Wednesbury Site Collections or call 0121 556 3557 – Areas covered in Grey or call 01325 379020

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